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Corrosion is the deterioration of a material or its properties due to its reaction with the environment. Materials may include metals and alloys, non-metals, wood, ceramics, plastics, composites etc. Corrosion can occur through chemical or electrochemical reactions and is usually an interaction between a material and its environment. In the marine, oil and gas industry the most common type of corrosion involves metals and alloys of structures.

Before the application of an effective coat system on the metal  it is necessary to clean the surface to remove impurities such as dirt, salts, grease, old coatings of paint, oxides such mill scales and rust.

To do this we use abrasives such as copper slag which is forced through high pressure blasting equipment. This prepares the surface for coating and painting which will protect and prolong the lifespan of the structure.  We also provide the solutions such as hydro-blasting in contribution to green environment; this surface preparation must use fresh water as an abrasive.

In corrosion prevention methods we apply protective coatings to provide an effective barrier to corrosion which includes metallic, chemical conversion, inorganic non-metallic and organic coatings depending on requirements and thus lengthening the lifespan of these structures.

In marine industry, Allbest playing the resident contractor is engaged in the design and supply of blasting and painting services within shipyard’s premises. As we provide shipyards with comprehensive corrosion services in terms of job quality, attitude and track record etc, we are now proud of resident contractors for seven shipyards in Singapore.